Educated Negotiations Lead To Better Outcomes

With powerful reference tools online, job candidates are certain to show up more prepared to negotiate, even if their numbers are misinformed or exaggerated.  Many sources present averages of their data, but averages can be deceptive. They are skewed by outliers and do not help you understand the full range of pay for a role based on the market. By educating yourself about the current value of an incumbent for a role, you can make better hiring decisions. In turn strengthening your company by not overpaying for candidates. 

  • Make sure you are paying enough to attract the level of talent you want

  • Audit existing roles to avoid falling behind the market

  • Effectively plan for new roles

  • Prepare for Interviews

Do you offer enough to attract the level of talent you need to grow your business? Are you paying too much and robbing yourself of profits you could use to grow your business? The MeasureUp® Compensation Survey gives you the hard industry specific data you need to make sound business decisions in terms of compensation.

  • Find out what peers in the industry pay for a role

  • Avoid paying too much for new employees

  • Align against the market based on company culture and environment

Just 1 better informed hire can justify your survey investment. When utilized effectively over time, the profits from hiring smarter can become immense.

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Roles We Commonly Report On

Shipper Sales and Account Management – Roles that deal only with shippers

Inside Sales (Find New Small/Spot)
Focus is on hunting for new shippers through phone-based cold-calling, aka Lead Generation; if role also has on-going responsibilities for managing new accounts, then use Hybrid 1

Outside Sales (Find New Large/Contracts)
Focus is on hunting for new large accounts or longer-term contracts through physical outside of the office cold-calling; may have some on-going responsibility or may hand-off to Account Manager

Account Management (Manage Existing Small/Spot)
Focus is on dealing with existing shippers with little to no cold-calling for new accounts; may be tasked with getting more freight by expansion selling (new lanes/locations)

Hybrid 1: Find New and Manage Existing Shippers
Mix of cold-calling for new shippers and managing an existing book of shippers

Hybrid 2: Inside/Outside Sales (Spot/Contract)
Mix of cold-calling for new small shippers and large contract accounts (work is done both inside and outside the office)

Inside Sales Team Lead
Manages a team of inside sales reps/lead generators

Account Management Team Lead
Manages a team of existing shipper account managers

Hybrid 3: Sales/Account Mgmt Team Lead
Manages a team of cold-calling and existing shipper reps (either as hybrid roles or as a mixed team under one manager)

Key or Major Account Manager (Manage Several Large)
Focus is on dealing with a few large existing accounts (typically the maximum handled is around 25 accounts); virtually no cold-calling will be possible or expected in this role; often tasked with managing SLAs and customer score cards and ensuring contracts are priced appropriately and renewed each year

Other Shipper
Any other shipper-focused role not covered by the above roles.


Carrier Sales and Management – Roles that deal only with carriers

Carrier Sales (Cover Freight)
Focus is on negotiating with carriers to cover freight

Carrier Sales Team Lead
Manages a team of carrier sales reps

Carrier Development
Focus is on developing relationships with big carriers by physical outside of the office cold-calling to both large and small carriers and relationship negotiation (like outside sales, but with carriers)

Carrier Qualification Manager
Focus is on ensuring carriers are/remain qualified and entered appropriately in the system

Carrier Qualification Support
Provides support to a Carrier Qualifications Manager; may be primarily a data entry and paperwork processing function

Develops pricing for lanes for shipper sales to use when negotiating rates; completes bid packages

Other Carrier
Any other carrier-focused role not covered by the above roles.


Shipper and Carrier Combined – Roles that deal with both shippers and carriers

Hybrid 5: Manage Existing Shippers and Cover Freight
Mix of managing existing shippers and covering the freight; very little cold-calling for new shippers but may be tasked with expansion selling by finding new lanes/locations

Hybrid 6: Find, Manage & Cover (Cradle to Grave)
Typical full-function Broker role that does all 3 primary tasks (find the shipper, manage the existing shipper, and cover the freight by negotiating with carriers)

Hybrid 7: Sales and Operations Team Lead
Manages a team of mixed function roles


Operations Support – Roles that support sales and operations

Dispatcher (no negotiation)
Dispatches pre-established trucks for pre-established freight (no negotiation); most commonly found on contract projects

Track and Trace
Works with the carrier team to ensure loads are picked up and delivered on-time

Order Entry
Works with the shipper team to enter loads into the system and appointments are made; may also provide basic customer support for the shippers

Hybrid 8: Dispatch & Track and Trace
Dispatches pre-established trucks for pre-established freight (no negotiation) and performs track and trace function

Hybrid 9: Order Entry & Track and Trace
Enters loads in the system and does track and trace

Hybrid 10: Generic Operations Support (all functions)
Enters loads, sets appointments, tracks and traces, and dispatches loads

Hybrid 11: Operations & Accounting Support
Performs a wide variety of duties in the areas of both operations & accounting

Other Ops Support
Any other support role not covered by the above roles

Management – Manager Roles

Operations Manager/Director/Vice President
Runs a group of carrier sales reps, track and trace personnel, and other resources; may also include shipper sales reps if group is mixed or consists of hybrid roles

Sales Manager/Director/Vice President
Runs a group of inside/outside shipper sales reps

Branch or Terminal Manager/Director/Vice President
Manages a self-contained unit that can be defined through its own P&L; could be a physical or virtual branch or terminal

Owner, CEO, President
Chief Manager of the organization; may be an owner or report to an owner or board in a publicly traded company

Chief Financial Officer (manages all finances); match highest level finance professional here (even if title is not CFO)

Chief Operations Officer (manages all operations); match highest level operations profession here (even if title is not COO)

Other Mgmt
Any other management role not covered by the above roles


Accounting Billing – Accounting Roles

Focus is on billing shippers

AP/Carrier Payments
Focus is on paying carriers

AR/Shipper Payments
Focus is on collecting payments from shippers

Financial manager; may be the top financial officer or may report to a CFO

Claims Manager
Responsible for filing and processing claims on behalf of the organization

General Accounting Support (A/R & A/P)
Focus is on billing and collecting payments from shippers and paying carriers

Other Acctg
Any other accounting role not covered by the above roles


Marketing – Marketing Roles

Marketing Manager/Director/Vice President
Focus is on marketing

Web Marketer
Responsible for overseeing company website and other key online marketing channels.


Administration – Administration Roles

Administrative Assistant
Any secretarial or clerical role that is generic in nature

Facility Manager
Responsible for maintaining and improving company offices and property

Other Admin
Any other administration role not covered by the above roles


HR Payroll Recruiting – HR and Payroll Roles

Recruits employees for the company

Human Resources Clerk/Analyst
Clerical Human Resources role

Human Resources Manager/Director/Vice President
Manager for all Human Resources functions (match the highest-level HR role to this level)

Provides training to new hires and on-going skill development for existing staff


IT – IT Roles

IT Support
Provides basic IT support to staff; may do minimal programming but focus is hardware and software upkeep

Lead Programmer
Oversees teams of programmers

Develops basic programs to run the company's systems

IT Manager/Director/Vice President
Manager for a company’s overall IT systems; may also be called the CIO or VP of IT (match the highest-level IT position to this role)



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