Testimonials & Clients


Our engagements are marked by profound changes in our clients’ corporate culture. Together, we dive in deep and fine-tune details as we design a plan to achieve business goals through strategic compensation planning and design.


“We hired Prosperio Group to look into our compensation package, and we totally revamped it. We now are seeing more measurable results that are clearly communicated to all our staff members.”

Jeff McMahon
ZMac Trucking

“Since hiring Prosperio Group, we have far more clarity of purpose as owners, and throughout our organization.”

Jeff Tucker
Tucker Company Worldwide

“Prosperio Group helped our company find a path for growth using an incentive-based compensation program which led to our employees’ maximizing their potential by highlighting key areas of improvement.”

Tory Bass
Eagle Transportation

“Prosperio Group helped overhaul our compensation plan company-wide and were active from conception to rollout. We will definitely be using their services again.”

Mandy Barton
Barton Logistics


“The Prosperio Group was very knowledgeable in the logistics arena and understood our business. Of all the 3rd party companies Panther has worked with, we all agree that the Prosperio engagement has returned the most value”

Johnathan Shepherd
Panther Premium Logistics

“It is a pleasure to work with Beth and the Prosperio Group in reviewing compensation and incentive planning strategies for our company. Her ability to organize and align the groups involved will be key to driving this project to success.”

Saul Gonzalez
Knight Transport

“Prosperio Group are seasoned and studied professionals who specialize in helping firms take their legacy incentive plans to the next level. While they work hard to customize incentive plans to individual companies, they also bring with them a set approach of best-practice strategies and tactics.”

Jim Tucker
Tucker Company Worldwide

“Their process forced us to look in the mirror as a company in order to build a definable path for the future.”

David Frizzell
Blue Ribbon Transportation


“Beth is one of the finest minds and valued experts in the industry. She has a deeper understanding than anyone in matters of tailoring compensation and incentive packages to align with the overall company goals and driving the behaviors to reach those goals. I would highly recommend her & the Prosperio Group to anyone in any industry that wants to develop a pay structure that is consistent with the goals and needs of the company.”

Kevin Ball
BM2 Freight Services, Inc.

“Beth played a critical role in the developing growth of our company. We had reached a point where we needed direction and structure in compensation for our sales staff. After discussing our current compensation plan and our goals moving forward, Beth developed a plan that was both advantageous and rewarding to the sales staff as well as the company. It has helped create more focus and drive toward attaining our goals!”

Dave Gibbons
Infiniti Logistics, Inc.

“While at Omni Cable we selected Prosperio Group to redesign Sales Incentive for an organization who had never used an outside expert in their past history (30 years!). This was not just a redesign of sales incentive but aiding in the transformation of selling behaviors and culture change. Beth and her team delivered on time and on budget a terrific plan that even the CEO who had personally been involved with the plans was pleased with.”

Jill Schadler
Omni Cable

“Beth and her team provided my company with a practical and focused solution to an incredibly frustrating and overwhelming problem. The approach and the manner in which Beth lead her team, and ours, through this challenge was timely and very beneficial. I look forward to working with Beth and her team again and highly recommend her for her professional abilities.”

Jay England
Pride Transport


"Beth was an incredible resource and played a critical role in helping us understand and implement the best solution for our team and company structure. Her industry experience and expertise is second to none. For a young growing company, she not only helped us navigate the challenges we are facing today, but also helped anticipate the challenges we will face in the future. I highly recommend Beth to anyone in the industry who needs help aligning pay structure to best fit their company vision."

Jay Maxwell
Standard Freight

“Beth did a great job in creating a new and improved compensation plan for C2 Freight Resources. The plan really incentivizes the strategic objectives for each position, pushing everyone to reach his/her full potential.”

Jacob Norman
C2 Freight Resources, Inc.

“Beth had some very valuable input and perspective on our business and the transportation industry. She helped bring some much needed innovation and creativity to our compensation structure in an effort to help us reach our goals. Beth is great to work with and definitely an expert when it comes to total compensation in our industry.”

Sarah Ruffcorn
Trinity Logistics

“Beth arrived with such a strong experience in compensation and incentive planning and design that it was a joy to be along for the experience. She brings a skill level and a knowledge that few companies can provide from concept through to completion and the troubleshooting after the fact.”

Hugh Parker
Leonardite Products, LLC


Our consultants have brought extensive knowledge of organizational structures and compensation best practices to these clients from throughout the world.

  • ABF

  • AMCOL Australia Pty

  • AMCOL Asia Minerals

  • AMCOL Global Paper

  • AM Transport

  • Ameri-Co Carriers & Ameri-Co Logistics

  • APL Logistics

  • Arab Cartage


  • Bank of America/MBNA

  • Barton Logistics

  • Barney Trucking

  • Bennett International Group

  • Blakeman Transportation

  • Blue Ribbon Transport

  • BM2 Freight Services, Inc.

  • BNSF Logistics

  • Bosch Automotive & Power Tools

  • Brown Integrated Logistics

  • Caito Foods

  • CalArk, Inc.

  • CargoBarn, Inc.

  • Central Marketing Transport Services

  • Choptank Transport

  • Comcast Business Services

  • Connect Logistics

  • Connstep, Inc.

  • Con-way Truckload

  • Cozzini Bros.

  • Creative Transportation Services, Inc.

  • CRST Logistics

  • Dart Advantage Logistics

  • DealerTrack

  • Des Moines Truck Brokers

  • Dover Services, Inc.

  • DRT Transportation

  • DSN Chemical Transport

  • Dur-A-Flex

  • Eagle Transportation

  • East Penn Manufacturing Co.

  • Elster

  • Enterprise Truck Brokers

  • Expedited Solutions/Timekeeper

  • Fastmore Logistics

  • Fetch Logistics

  • Fifth Third Bank

  • Freight Value (a division of ABC)

  • Gallano Trucking, Inc.


  • Genpro

  • GlobalTranz

  • GXS

  • Hannic Freight Forwarders

  • Herman Miller

  • Hill Brothers Transportation

  • Integrity Logistics

  • Irving Oil

  • JH Rose Logistics

  • Kalsec

  • Kingsgate Transportation Services, Inc.

  • Kohler

  • L & L Freight Services, Inc.

  • Land-Link

  • Logistics Group International

  • Majestic Transportation

  • New Age Transportation

  • Northern Freight

  • Panther Expedited

  • Penske Logistics

  • Perdue Foods

  • Pepsi Logistics Company, Inc.

  • Pride Transport, Inc.

  • Quarterback Transportation

  • Red Arrow Logistics

  • Reynolds & Reynolds

  • RLS Logistics

  • Roadmaster Specialized

  • Roehl Transport

  • RWI Transportation

  • Ryder Integrated Logistics, Inc.

  • SAIA, Inc.

  • Secured Land Transport

  • SmartLines

  • Solae

  • Southeast Frozen Foods

  • Sterling Transportation

  • Stryker Navigation

  • Tandem Logistics

  • Taylor Distributing

  • Time Logistics, Inc.

  • Traffic Tech

  • Trinet

  • Trinity Transport

  • Trustmark

  • Tucker Worldwide

  • US Bank

  • US Xpress

  • UTS

  • Wabash National

  • Waste Management

  • ZMac