Beth Carroll

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Beth Carroll, CCP, GRP, CSCP


Hi! I’m Beth Carroll, the Founder and Managing Principal of Prosperio Group. I live in New Lenox, IL which is a SW suburb of Chicago.

For 21 years I have been developing compensation strategies to help large and small companies from all industries maximize, focus and improve engagement and morale throughout their organization. I believe compensation is both the lens through which organizational problems can be viewed best and often the best tool to use to solve those problems. Prosperio Group clients nearly always comment that the work we do stretches far beyond compensation – into business goals, strategy clarification, organizational design, organizational psychology, and human motivation theory. While compensation design guides the process, we love it that clients repeatedly tell us we have provided far more value than simply delivering a new compensation plan.

My educational background is quite varied, and represents the “broken road” that often leads people exactly where they need to go, but where they never would have dreamed of going. I grew up in the Washington, DC area, the youngest of four daughters of a Mathematical Scientist who worked for NASA and a Public School Librarian. For those of you who know me, that should explain a lot! We moved to rural West Virginia when I was in Junior High, as my father took an early retirement from the government to become a part-time college math professor at Shepherd College.

I went to Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA where I completed a double major in English and Religion before heading to Chicago to become a religion professor(!). I finished a Master of Arts and two years of Doctorate work at The University of Chicago Divinity School before deciding abject poverty was not a good career aspiration. A sharp right turn took me to a job in a law firm and an evening MBA program at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.

When I completed the MBA, I joined Towers Perrin’s (now Towers Watson) Strategy and Organization practice, where I quickly gravitated toward Sales Force Effectiveness work. Two worlds came together: my math and logic background and my interest in human psychology and communication…it all connected in incentive compensation design and management.

I spent 10 years with Towers Watson focusing on Sales Compensation Design, working with many fortune 500 and multinational accounts, such as Bosch, Kohler, Bank of America, Herman Miller, Fifth Third Bank, and Solae. I worked my way up from newbie consultant to managing consultant running my own projects, and saw an opportunity to provide the same high quality design process offered to a broader client base and with a focus on longer term relationships and expanded offerings beyond the traditional design project.

In January 2008, I left Towers to join The Cygnal Group, a firm founded by another former Towers Consultant. I was an owner of The Cygnal Group until 2011, when my deepening focus on the Transportation and Logistics Industry precipitated the need for a separate brand identity. For a time, I ran Cygnal TLC as a sister company to The Cygnal Group, and in 2012 completed the rebranding process with a new name:  Prosperio Group.

In the years since 2008, my team has worked with over 100 Transportation & Logistics companies, and we are constantly amazed at the opportunities and appreciation for our services provided by this industry. Never would I have imagined ending up here…but I am so grateful to be here.  While our industry specialization is Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain, we continue to work with manufacturing companies, food ingredient companies, and any industry or company that seeks to drive greater performance through the use of commissions, bonuses, pay for performance programs, or any type of variable pay arrangement.

I have a husband, John Carroll, who helps out with the business, four step-children, and three biological children. My oldest, JJ, attends Valparaiso University in Indiana.  I enjoy traveling (which is pretty much a job requirement) and use my many frequent flier miles to explore new locations around the globe…looking for adventures and new clients to help.