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Prosperio Group helps organizations across the world fine-tune their compensation plans to attract and keep good talent and hard workers—and to stay competitive in the industry. We are committed to providing the best compensation design services, custom and industry surveys, and implementation support to companies who want to strategically align compensation with organizational goals.

Prosperio advantages over the big firms

  1. Beth Carroll, the founder of Prosperio, is the lead consultant on every project.  Prosperio Group has an entire team of professionals who support Beth behind the scenes, but you can rest assured you will never be "passed off" to a junior consultant who has far less experience.  Beth is the expert, and she is who you will want to work with.  Every client, no matter how small, has direct interaction with Beth.

  2. Beth has over 20 years of experience developing highly motivational plans across a variety of industries.  She is a recognized expert, frequent speaker and published author on the topic of sales compensation.  She has worked with over 200 companies and has encountered all manner of sales incentive practices.  While your situation is certainly "unique" and no other company is exactly like yours, Beth's wealth of experience with many companies allows her to draw on this breadth of experience to develop creative solutions that address your specific and unique issues.

  3. Many of the big firms design plans but do not help with the communication of the plans.  While we respect that some companies do not need this service, or have sufficient experience in house to handle it, we are well-experienced at taking plans all the way through to communication. Beth has conducted live roll-out presentations to hundreds of sales reps at their annual sales conference, has lead global town-hall calls in the wee hours of the morning or late hours of the evening to communicate new plans to reps in Asia and Australia, has coordinated calls across multiple countries and time zones, and has even done a live roll-out of new plans for Korean sales reps at an annual sales conference in Thailand, with the assistance of an interpreter.  It is unlikely that there would be much about your sales force that she would find intimidating.

  4. We price most of our projects using a fixed fee approach.  This means you know exactly what it is going to cost from the start and there are no surprises. The only time the price changes is if the scope changes at your request, meaning you've added additional meetings, you added additional roles, and/or the data needed more extensive clean up than was initially believed to be the case. We make it very clear what circumstances could cause a scope change and always bring it to your attention ahead of time.  That said, 90% of our projects conclude at the price for which they were originally sold. 

  5. No hidden fees or mark-ups.  Many of the bigger firms quote a fee range (it will always be the high end of the range) PLUS they add on a double-digit "administrative service" fee that is a percentage of the service fees. This can amount to thousands of additional dollars that is not clearly disclosed in the original contract.  We charge out of pocket travel costs only and always look for the best combination of economy and efficiency when making travel plans.  There are no additional hourly fees added for travel time - that is all included in the fixed fee budget.  Within the continental United States, it is reasonable to assume that travel costs will be no more than $1,500 per trip given that we are conveniently centrally located near O'Hare and Midway, making it very easy to get reasonable flights that limit time spent in (and money spent on) hotels.

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