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At the recent TIA conference, I was asked many times how my business is going.  Many of you have known me from nearly the start and I’m always touched by the genuine interest and support so many of you give.  I explained to some of you that I’ve been doing more work with driver pay, and more than once I was met with a bit of a puzzled look and the question…”aren’t they just paid by the mile?  How hard could it be to raise that a penny (or five)?” 

And performance-based pay will increasingly become part of carrier pay packages, she said, pointing to more sophisticated pay structures that put drivers’ income in their own hands as coming mainstays. Such pay incentives are “here to stay,” she said. (link to full article inside post)

Truck driver pay for performance programs are flying fast and furious and truck driver pay is THE hot topic at the 2014 ATA MC&E conference . You can’t walk by a single group of attendees without hearing them bring up truck driver pay within 15 minutes of the conversation starting.