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The most crucial task for successfully driving growth in any organization is to provide crystal clear role clarity to the staff. This goes far beyond what is typically found in an HR “Job Description” and must really address the nature of the role. Time must be spent interviewing the sales force, perhaps even riding along with them on sales calls or otherwise spending “a day in the life.” In our experience the reps’ perception of their company’s sales strategy and business objectives are never 100% aligned with that of the management team.

Many organizations believe that to have full role definition clarity, each sales rep must have a unique role and must be compensated uniquely as well. This results in an over-abundance of roles and compensation plans. There is a point of diminishing returns when trying to sub-divide roles into the most precise functions, and one of the keys to successful compensation plan design is understanding when you have reached that point.

…you need to be very careful how you design your incentive plan or you just might end up dealing with some unexpected consequences, and possibly paying out more than you intended, or worse, getting no measurable return (or negative return!) for dollars you are spending.