E-Reader Format - Taming The Compensation Monster

E-Reader Format - Taming The Compensation Monster


This is the e-reader version of Taming The Compensation Monster for your Kindle or other preferred reader.

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The compensation beast can rear its ugly head in many ways. But generally, compensation problems for freight brokers come from the four employee “lacks:”

  1. Lack of urgency

  2. Lack of motivation

  3. Lack of good decision-making

  4. Lack of alignment with company objectives

Taming the Compensation Monster helps transportation and logistics providers create a sense of urgency, inspire motivation, promote better decision-making, and provide rewards that align with company objectives.

Purchase your copy of the new book today and begin to “tame the compensation monster” by getting to know the “nature of your beast.”

  • Understand compensation psychology and increase the size of your toolkit.

  • Select the right pay mix.

  • Use leverage to maximize motivation.

  • Select the right performance measures for your incentive plan.

  • Assign weights to your performance measures.

In the rest of the book, you will be guided through “moving from measures to design details,” all the way to “getting results that last.”